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Parish of St Martin of Tours


331 Main Street, Renton.

G82 4PZ

28th Sunday of the Year (A)

11th October 2020

Parish Priest: Fr Anthony Ejikeme
Sunday 11th October   
Mass: 10.00am & 5.00pm
Monday 12th October   
 Mass: 9.30am
Tuesday 13th October   
Mass: 9.30am
Wednesday 14th October     
Mass: 9.30am
Thursday 15th October     
Mass: 9.30am
St Teresa of Jesus—Memorial
Friday 16th October   
Mass: 9.30am
Saturday 17th October    
 (Vigil Mass of 29th Sunday of the Year:  5.00pm)
Parish Finance
Last weekend’s income was: Offertory Collection: £260.00; 2nd Collection£100.80 (B/F). Many thanks to all parishioners for your continuous financial help to the parish and to the Archdiocese. Most appreciated.  
Mass of Remembrance (Month of Holy Souls)
--will be offered for all deceased parishioners of the past year on Monday 2nd November at 7.00pm. November lists now available in the porch. Please return lists to church (sacristy) or chapel house. Please note that the invitation usually extended to the families of the bereaved to the hall will not hold this year due to current Covid-19 protocols and restrictions.
First Holy Communion
The children will receive their First Communion over 2 Wednesdays, 21st and 28th October at 6pm. These Masses will be reserved just for the children, their families and school staff. Any stewards who are available to help will be very welcome as the contact details will need to be taken, seating managed and the usual cleaning afterwards. The parish of St Martin's continues to pray for our young people as they take this next important step on their faith journey.
The Sacrament of Confirmation in the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic
Due to the lockdown of last spring, some liturgies of Confirmation were cancelled. The Archbishop Tartaglia has offered parish priests the sacred duty of conferring the Sacrament of Confirmation as his delegate. In view of this, could all the parents of former P7 pupils (now in High School) of St Martin’s Primary, who want their children to be confirmed please get in contact with Fr Anthony between 4th and 11th October 2020. Both the parish email and Tel., number are shown in this bulletin.
Rosary Whirlwind
Given the current restrictions, our usual October devotions have been restricted. However, the 'Rosary on the Coast' organisers have arranged a 'Rosary Whirlwind' for faith, life and peace on Tuesday 13th October. Various locations have signed up to recite the Rosary together either socially distanced, or online. We propose streaming a Rosary on our parish Facebook page at 7pm from Our Lady's altar. To join in, please login to our Facebook page for 7pm.
COVID-19 General Update 
  • Churches
As you might have seen on the news, the First Minister has announced further restrictions, however there are NO changes to the current rules on places of worship. We can continue to celebrate Mass and the Sacraments, and gather for other prayer opportunities, in accordance with the Guidance previously shared. The First Minister did say that the Government would be reviewing the Guidance across all sectors, so details may change in the future.
  • Home Visit
There does not appear to be any change to the current rules allowing home visits by priests , etc., but the Government does recommend those who were shielding to be careful, so please ensure that home visitors are fully compliant with the safety rules and that the people being visited are content with the arrangements.
  • Halls 
If your hall is in use as a regulated hospitality venue then it may be covered by the bans on licenced restaurants and cafes in the Central Belt (it appears that funeral/wedding receptions can however continue). If your hall is used for adult sport groups then it may be covered by the ban on group exercise classes or contact sports/training. Children’s sporting activities are not affected. The Government has not yet published all the details about the new restrictions so if these situations apply to you then please keep an eye out for the details as and when they are published.
  • Bishops’ Advisers important message
“it is also important to point out that we are at a fragile point in the fight against coronavirus. The rate of infections and, sadly, the number of deaths, is on the rise. It is important that we all persevere in our efforts to reduce transmission of the disease and make sure that we stick rigidly to the infection control procedures in place and don’t take unnecessary risks”
Introductions to the Sunday Readings
First reading Isaiah 25:6-10
First, the image of the banquet is used to describe the blessings God has in store, not only for Israel, but for all the nations. Then like much of the Bible, the reading also takes up the issue of life and death. The human tragedy is recognised and hope is given
Responsorial Psalm 23(22)
In its final verses, the Psalm takes up the imagery of hospitality. Each element is eloquent: banquet, oil, cup, house.
Second reading Philippians 4:12-14.19-20
St Paul was really resilient and self-sufficient. But, even he is grateful when the people of Philippi—his favourites among the churches—send him material help and support while he is in prison. For him though, poverty and riches, hunger and plenty are all the same. With God’s help he can cope with anything life brings.
Gospel Matthew 22:1-14
Our parable has some unlikely features, such as a war. However these features reflect history: the destruction of Jerusalem and parting of the ways between Jews and Christians. But even Christians can’t presume….
Please pray for:
… the sick and Housebound of our parish
Anna Williams          Ann McKay              Alex O’Malley          Sarah Folan




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