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Parish of St Martin of Tours


331 Main Street, Renton.

G82 4PZ

16th Sunday of the Year (B)

4th July 2021

Parish Priest: Fr Anthony Ejikeme
Sunday 18th July
Mass: 10.00am & 5.00pm
Monday 19th July
Rosary: 9.15am (Intention: For all our deceased relatives)
Mass: 9.30am
Tuesday 20th July
Rosary: 9.15am (Intention: For the vulnerable:
the elderly, the unloved, the lonely, the unwanted, the rejected…of our society)
Mass: 9.30am
Wednesday 21st July
Novena: 9.15am
Mass: 9.30am
Thursday 22nd July
Mass: 9.30am
St Mary Magdalene: Memorial
Friday 23rd July
Rosary: 9.15am (Int: For all Missionaries)
Mass: 9.30am
St Bridget of Sweden—Memorial
Saturday 24th July
Confessions: 4.30—4.55pm
Vigil Mass of 17th Sunday of the Year: 5.00pm
Parish Finance
Last weekend’s income was:
Offertory Collection: £276.50 & 2nd Collection: £124.00. Many thanks to our parishioners for your continuous financial help to the parish. Highly appreciated.
Church Hall
Escape of water reinstatement work in progress. The next site progress meeting has been scheduled for 23rd at 10.30am. Most probably the exact date for the completion of the work and handing over of the keys will be discussed and agreed upon.
Our parish community once again extend our sympathy and the support of our prayers to the family and friends of Denis McLaughlin (O’Hare Street) whose funeral and committal took place last Tuesday 13th July. May he rest in peace. Amen
The Flourish (July Edition)
The July edition of The Flourish, the Archdiocesan newspaper is available. Some of the highlights: Pope Francis’ letter to Grandparents and Elderly in preparation for the celebration of the first World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly; 20th Anniversary of Cardinal Thomas Winning; Catholic schools win national recognition; Catholic elected Lord Speaker of the House of Lords for the first time; etc. Please collect your copy from the back of the church.
Archdiocese of Glasgow: 2021 Lourdes Mass
For the second consecutive year Covid-19 restrictions have prevented the Archdiocese from holding its annual pilgrimage to Lourdes. This year we are celebrating Mass at Carfin Lourdes Grotto on 18th July, Glasgow Fair Sunday, at 3pm. There will be sacramental anointing of the sick and the opportunity for those attending to use wonderful facilities at Scotland’s National Shrine in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes.
Peer Support Group for Women OF Faith Affected By Separation or Divorce
If you are affected by these issues and would like further information, check out the 'Faith Living' Facebook group, which is the Archdiocese of Glasgow's New Evangelisation Group, or contact Tricia Imrie on 07970928028.
COVID-19 General Update 
The First Minster last Tuesday 13th July announced that all of Scotland is now moving to Level 0 as from Monday 19th July 2021.
  • The main effects of this for churches is that we can move to 1m distancing between household groups from that date, which will be good news for larger parishes / smaller churches where numbers are restricted by the 2m distancing currently in force. Here in our parish (St Martin), we will still adhere to 2m distancing till probably August 9th.
  • For parishes currently in Level 2, such as the City of Glasgow, this also means that we can begin congregational singing from Monday 19th July (albeit only from behind masks!).
  • The maximum attendance at weddings and funerals will rise to 200 from Monday 19th July, although in most churches a lower limit will be required due to how many we can safely fit in at 1m distancing and how many we can realistically cope with in terms of stewarding, name checking, etc. The number remains 60 with 2m social distancing here in our parish till next month.
  • Remember that we must still collect names and phone numbers and all those not exempt must still wear face coverings in church.
Introduction to the Readings: 16th Sunday of the Year B
First reading: Jeremiah 23:1-6
This passage was written when the political leadership failed abjectly, leading to a catastrophic collapse of institutions. The leaders were severely indicted. At the same time God promised to send shepherds who will care about his sheep—a message of hope.
Psalm 23: Psalm 23 is the perfect response. It may be worth pointing out that while Psalm 23 is technically a psalm of trust, the underlying rhythm, the qinah, is actually that of lament. Thus, trust arises not from equanimity but from distress.
Second reading: Ephesians 2:13-18
The separation mentioned in this reading was originally the division between Jews and non-Jews. Listen carefully and you will hear the seeds of a new vision of humanity, “whose common father is the same.”
Gospel: Mark 6:30-34
In this Gospel we see the care of Christ for his apostles as well as his compassion for the people who were ‘like sheep without a shepherd’ Anyone in a caring role will understand this story. Do carers need to care for themselves? Yes, of course. At the same time, the cry of those in need is insistent and penetrating.
Thought for the day
Christ looked at the sheep; and seeing that they were like sheep without a shepherd, he took pity on them. Lord look upon us and take pity on us for at times we too are like sheep…Help us to follow you, even if it means leaving the crowd and walking a lonely path…Help us to listen to your voice, to trust you and to follow you. You carry all our hopes and dreams. You alone can give us what we hunger and thirst for—our heavenly Father’s love and eternal life in his Kingdom.
Please pray for:
… the sick and Housebound of our parish
Recently Dead
Denis McLaughlin


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