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Parish of St Martin of Tours

331 Main Street, Renton.

G82 4PZ

2nd Sunday of the Year (C)

20th January 2019

Parish Priest: Fr Anthony Ejikeme
Tel: 01389 758880
Hall Bookings: 01389 756100
Mass Times:
Saturday Vigil:
10.00am and 5.00pm
After 9.30am Mass on Saturday & 4.30 - 4.55pm Saturday Evening or on request.
Weekday Masses:
Wednesday Novena:
9.20am before Mass
Divine Mercy Devotions:
3pm on the 1st Sunday of Month
Sunday 20th January 2019  2nd Sunday of the Year (Year C)
 Mass: 10.00am & 5.00pm
 Children’s Liturgy
Monday 21st January 2019
Mass: 9.30am
St Agnes
Tuesday 22nd January 2019  
Mass: 9.30am
St Vincent
Wednesday 23rd January
Mass 9.30am
Thursday 24th January
Mass: 9.30am
St Francis de Sales
Friday 25th January
Rosary 9.15am
Mass: 9.30am
Conversion of St Paul
Saturday 26th January  
Mass 9.30am
(Vigil Mass 5.00pm)
St Timothy and St Titus
Parish Finance
Last week’s collection £ 404.00. Second collection £240.00.
Thank You to everyone for your generous and continuous financial help to the Parish and to the Archdiocese.
St Margaret’s Adoption Society: Annual Crib Appeal 2018
Apart from the crib donations, you may wish to help more by taking one of the boxes in the porch and returning later.
Lourdes Pilgrimage 2019 & 200 Club
The 200 Club is setup to help fund pilgrims to Lourdes and there are lots of spaces for new members – £1 per month for a chance to win – remember “you’ve got to be in it to win it”.
If you know of someone who would benefit from this pilgrimage please see Patricia Mooney 01389 602758 before the end of January 2019.
Please Pray for:
The Sick and the House Bound
Norma Mullin              Kathleen Rainey          Billy McGuire
Rose Jackson              Jim Durr
Recently Dead
Martin Hennigan
Bernard McCallion       Babs Holloran              Alex Frame
Please Note: items to be included in the Bulletin must be in by Friday 9.30am

Please leave a note in the sacristy or contact:

email or phone 01389 759450

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