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Parish of St Martin of Tours


331 Main Street, Renton.

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21st Sunday of the Year - B

22nd August 2021

Parish Priest: Fr Anthony Ejikeme
Sunday 22nd August
Mass: 10.00am & 5.00pm
Baptism: 12.00pm
Monday 23rd August
Rosary: 9.15am (Intention: For all parishioners)
Rosary Mysteries: Glorious
Mass: 9.30am
Tuesday 24th August
Rosary: 9.15am (Intention: For end of war and violence in the world)
 Mysteries: Joyful
Mass: 9.30am
St Bartholomew—Feast
Reception of Remains of Rose Scullion: 6.00pm
Wednesday 25th August
Funeral Mass: 9.30am
Thursday 26th August
Mass: 9.30am
Friday 27th August
Rosary: 9.15am (Intention: For all jobless people)
Mysteries: Sorrowful
Mass: 9.30am
St Monica—memorial
Saturday 28th August
St Augustine —Memorial
Confessions: 4.30—4.55pm
Vigil Mass of 22nd Sunday of the Year: 5.00pm
Parish Finance
Last weekend’s income was:
Offertory Collection: £273.00 & 2nd Collection: £110.00. Many thanks to our parishioners for your continuous financial help to the parish. Highly appreciated.
Hall Group
It was decided at the last meeting of this Group among other things that: due to shortage of personnel (especially of the younger generations) that we can no longer operate the bar; all social events of the parish to be organised by the Group; hall bookings to be made through Frances Devine on: 07976801653; next meeting of the Group on Thursday 2nd September 2021 at 6.30pm, in the hall.
Home Visitation
The Eucharistic minsters who visit the sick and housebound could resumed their visitation, (which was suspended since last year due to Covid-19 pandemic) from the first week of September 2021. Please remember that you still need to observe the guidelines of wearing masks and hand sanitising (especially before giving of the Holy Communion). If ever notified that a person to be visited has covid-19, please DO NOT VISIT.
Parish Golden Jubilee
We recall that the Golden Jubilee of our parish was due since December 2020, but could not be celebrated because of Covid-19 pandemic. Now that restrictions of lockdown are gradually being lifted, a Committee will soon be constituted for this purpose. Details in coming days and weeks.
Inauguration of Parish Pastoral Council
Parish Pastoral Council of the Parish, which was reconstituted last year but was not inaugurated due to Covid-19 restrictions will be inaugurated on Thursday September 16th 2021 at 6.30pm in the parish hall. The following are therefore invited to the aforementioned inaugural meeting:  George Rainey, Frances Devine, Michael Ryan, Rosie Caldwell, Molly Brown, Jean Conway, Mark Watson, Catherine Mary Hainey, John Rainey, and Jennifer Gorman.
Monthly Visitation of the Sick and Housebound
The parish priest will have his monthly visitation to the sick and housebound this week on: Monday 23rd, Wednesday 25th and Friday 27th respectively. Apart from the regular ones visited every month, please if you have, or know any parishioner who, due to ill-health or old age, is not able to attend activities here in the parish, could you please let the parish priest know on 01389 788850.
Parish Organist
Our parish urgently needs a volunteer organist who could help us with music on Sundays. If you want to help or know somebody who can be of help, please contact the Parish Priest on: 01389 788850
We announce the death of Rose Scullion (Back Street), who died on 11th August 2021. Her Remains will be received on Tuesday 24th August at 6.00pm, and the funeral Masses at 9.30am on Wednesday 25th. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine on her. May she rest in peace. Amen
Introduction to the Readings: 21st Sunday of the Year
First reading: Joshua 24:1-2, 15-18
Life is often a matter of choice and so is faith. Today, a stark choice is placed before the chosen people: will they stick with God as they always did or will they just give up? It’s a choice we face too.
Psalm 34 (33) is now used for the third Sunday in a row as the response to the reading. It is especially appropriate because of John 6
Second reading: Ephesians 5:2, 25-32
In the words of the song, “the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.” There’s more to it: any deep experience of love points us to God, who is love pure and simple
 Gospel: John 6:60-69
You will know friends and relations who have given up on the faith, for a variety of reasons. You may also have felt, either in yourself or directly from them, the question in today’s Gospel: “Do you also wish to go away?” The answer in the story may help us in our own answer.
Thought for the day
 “Do you also wish to go away” has a very contemporary feel to it, as so many have indeed gone away. It does raise questions: Why am I still here? What still draws me? Our personal response very likely takes some form of “we have come to believe and we know”. We should not be afraid to name the experiences which ground our convictions and so make sense of our continued faithfulness.


Please pray for:
… the sick and Housebound of our parish
Recently Dead
Rose Scullion
Months Mind
Kathleen Rainey

 Tel: 01389 758880

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