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Parish of St Martin of Tours


331 Main Street, Renton.

G82 4PZ

26th Sunday of the Year - B

26th September 2021

Parish Priest: Fr Anthony Ejikeme
Sunday 26th September
Mass: 10.00am & 5.00pm
Monday 27th September
Rosary: 9.15am (Intention: For all bereaved families, esp. those of our parish)
Rosary Mysteries: Sorrowful
Mass: 9.30am
St Vincent de Paul—Memorial
Tuesday 28th September
Rosary: 9.15am (Intention: For all those who have lost faith both in God and in man)
Mysteries: Light
Mass: 9.30am
Reception of Remains of Mary McCormack: 6.00pm
Wednesday 29th September
Devotion: 9.15am
Funeral Mass: 9.30am
Thursday 30th September
Mass: 9.30am
St Jerome—Memorial  
Friday 1st October
No Rosary
Mass: 9.30am
First Friday Mass with St Martin Primary School
St Therese of the Child Jesus—Memorial
Saturday 2nd October
Confessions: 4.30—4.55pm
Vigil Mass of 27th Sunday of the Year: 5.00pm
Parish Finance
Last weekend’s income was:
Offertory Collection: £274.00 & 2nd Collection: £107.00 (Building Fund). Many thanks to our parishioners for your continuous financial help to the parish. Highly appreciated.
Feast of St Martin of Tours
As part of our parish social event since the beginning of the pandemic, the Council has approved the celebration of the feast of St Martin of Tours on Sunday 14th November 2021 (though the feast day itself is on Thursday 11th November) with some social activities in the hall. The celebration starts immediately after 10am and all parishioners are warmly invited. Please keep this date in mind. More information on this in coming days and weeks.
Monthly Visitation of the Sick and Housebound
The parish priest will have his monthly visitation to the sick and housebound this week on: Monday 27th, Tuesday 28th, and Wednesday 29th September respectively. Apart from the regular ones visited every month, please if you have, or know any parishioner who, due to ill-health or old age, is not able to attend activities here in the parish, could you please let the parish priest know on 01389 788850.
October Devotion 2021
Our October devotion begins on Monday 4th October 2021 at 7.00pm with the Exposition of Blessed Sacrament, Rosary and Benediction. This year we are going vary the days of devotion to accommodate some pastoral needs. The days will always be indicated in the bulletin.
The Flourish (September Edition)
The September edition of The Flourish, the Archdiocesan newspaper is available. Please collect your copy from the back of the church.
Parish Golden Jubilee
The inaugural meeting of the Golden Jubilee Committee took place on Thursday 23rd September 2021. They had preliminary discussions on different issues and activities concerning the celebration. Next meeting scheduled for Thursday 4th November 2021 at 6,30pm in the parish hall.
"The Conference wish to thank all who have supported us during the year. We regret that owing to the continued COVID restrictions we are still unable to hold the boxes for our donations. The boxes will be left at each exit and at the back of the church should you wish to make a donation. Again many thanks for all donations received.
We announce the deaths of Mary McCormack (Main Street). Body reception on Tuesday 28th September at 6.00pm, and funeral Mass on Wednesday 29th September at 9.30amEternal grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine her. May she rest in peace. Amen.
We announce the deaths of Margaret Doyle (Leven bank Garden). Her Remains will be received prior to her funeral Mass on Tuesday 5th October 2021. Eternal grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine her. May she rest in peace. Amen.
Archdiocesan Curial Offices reopen
The Curial offices that were closed since last year due the Coivid-19 pandemic reopened last week. However, for now they are using a blended model of work with staff alternating between home and office working. Reception is operating as normal and can take calls and pass on messages but you may find it quicker to email the staff member directly.
Considering Primary Teaching?
Each year the Archdiocesan Primary Head Teacher Association, offer advice and support to those considering a vocation in Catholic primary teaching. Although we cannot offer our usual information evenings, we intend to offer as much support online as we possibly can, including the allocation of a headteacher mentor. Please visit our website:  for advice and support on the application and interview process for Initial Teacher Education programmes and make sure you sign up for a mentor before 8th October 2021. We look forward to supporting you! If you have any further enquiries please contact
Introduction to the Readings: 26th Sunday of the Year
First reading: Numbers 11:25-29
Up to this the gift of prophecy has been given only to Moses. Now many others are given it. Joshua resents it. Moses welcomes it. This unfamiliar story should nevertheless sound familiar: the powers that be sometimes try to limit the work of God’s Spirit in the wider community.
Psalm 19 (18):  On the face of it, the affirmation of the Law from Psalm 19 (18) doesn’t quite fit the reading here. Perhaps, this Psalm is chosen because of these lines: But who can detect all his errors? From hidden faults acquit me. The precepts of the Lord gladden the heart. From presumption restrain your servant and let it not rule me
Second reading: James 5:1-6
James is quite the prophet and, like the prophets of old, he does not mince his words when it comes to injustice towards the poor and the exploitation of the powerless. We ought all to feel a bit uncomfortable!
Gospel: Mark 9:38-43, 45, 47-48
The incident recounted here is very like the one in the first reading. The desire to control religious experience and expression is always present, especially in highly institutionalised religions such as ours. Jesus’ mind on the matter is quite different and refreshing.


Please pray for:
… the sick and Housebound of our parish
Recently Dead
Mary McCormack    Margaret Doyle
Months Mind
Bernard McCallion   Josie McCallion       Jean Belcher
Bruno Dynowski      Harry McCallion       Nan McClushion     
Richard O’Malley

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