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Parish of St Martin of Tours


331 Main Street, Renton.

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26th Sunday of the Year (A)

27th September 2020

Parish Priest: Fr Anthony Ejikeme
Sunday 27th September
Mass: 10.00am & 5.00pm
Monday 28th September
 Mass: 9.30am
Tuesday 29th September
Mass: 9.30am
SS Michael, Gabriel and Raphael—Feast
[Archangels: Gabriel appears in the book of Daniel to explain some of the prophet’s visions, and was also the bearer of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Raphael:  in the Book of Tobit, is the angel who heals Tobit of his blindness. His name means ‘God heals’Michael is mentioned in the Apocalypse as the leader of the heavenly host. He has been venerated as protector of Christians in general and soldiers in particular]
Wednesday 30th September 
Mass: 9.30am
St Jerome—memorial  
Thursday 1st October 
Mass: 9.30am
St Therese of Child Jesus—Memorial
Friday 2nd October 
Mass: 9.30am
The Holy Guardian Angels—Memorial
[Celebrates the belief that God assigns an angel to guard body and soul, an expression of God’s personal care for each individual. (As Jesus says, ‘See that you never despise any of these little ones, for I tell you that their angels in heaven always gaze on the face of my Father in heaven). A similar belief is also found in Jewish and other religious thought]
Saturday 3rd October 
First Communion catechesis session: 10.30—12.00
(Vigil Mass of 27th Sunday of the Year:  5.00pm)
Parish Finance
Last weekend’s income was: Offertory Collection£277.00; 2nd Collection£116.00 (B/F). Many thanks to all parishioners for your continuous financial help to the parish and to the Archdiocese. Most appreciated.
The Flourish (September Edition)
Full edition available to read now at One hopes that the next (October) edition will return to print format.
Gift Aid Scheme
Many thanks once again to all those who have been using this scheme in raising additional fund for the parish. May I appeal also to those who picked the form, and have filled them to please return them to the parish priest for onward transmission to the Curial Office of the Archdiocese. Those also who have not lifted their envelopes could still do so.
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Congratulation to our children, the Primary Four Pupils of St Martin’s Primary School who received their First Sacrament of Reconciliation this last Wednesday, September 23rd, at St Martin’s Primary School. Many thanks to everybody who supported and helped them: their families, their school Head Teacher and teachers, the parish catechist and friends. We continue to remember them in our prayers. 
First Holy Communion
First Communion sessions will take place on 3rd and 10th October from 10.30-12.00. There will be no parent session this year due to the restrictions in place. The children will receive their First Communion over 2 Wednesdays, 21st and 28th October at 6pm. These Masses will be reserved just for the children, their families and school staff. Any stewards who are available to help will be very welcome as the contact details will need to be taken, seating managed and the usual cleaning afterwards. The parish of St Martin's continues to pray for our young people as they take this next important step on their faith journey.  
Introductions to the Sunday Readings
First reading Ezekiel 18:25-28
Our reading today represents a break in biblical teaching or at least an evolution. Previously, it was commonly held that God punishes “to the third and fourth generations” (Ex. 20.5). Ezekiel, for the first time, teaches individual responsibility. Each of us is responsible for our own conduct. The good person who falls away will have to answer for it. The evil person who repents will win pardon and life.
Responsorial Psalm
As is often the case, Psalm 25 (24) makes an excellent response, drawing out some of the meaning for today. Lord, make me know your ways. Lord, teach me your paths. Make me walk in your truth, and teach me: for you are God my saviour.
Second reading Philippians 2:1-11
Today, we hear an ancient poem or hymn, pre-dating St Paul’s. It gives us a window on how the very first generation of Christians prayed and worshipped.
Gospel Matthew 21: 28—32
The parable is blindingly obvious—and the application sharp. Don’t let the message remained locked in the past because the parable does indeed speak to us today. Do actions speak louder than words?
Our parish community extend our sympathy and the support of our prayers to the family and friends of Maureen Follan (Cordale Avenue, Renton) who died on Tuesday 22nd September, and whose committal will take place on Friday 2nd October at Vale of Leven Cemetery at 11.30am.
Thought for the day
“It is possible to be a follower of Christ without being a disciple. It means that one is a camp-follower, without being a soldier of the King. One is not pulling one’s weight, or playing one’s part. One is simply a hanger-on in a great work. One is a talker and not a doer. It is one of the supreme handicaps of the Church that in it there are many people who follow Christ at safe distance, but very few real disciples, that is, people who actually do what he said.
Please pray for:
… the sick and Housebound of our parish
Recently Dead
Maureen Follan
Month’s Mind
Ben & Josie McCallion          Jean Belcher
Richard O’Malley                  Harry McCallion






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